Kold Fuzion

400wH Per KG Fuel Cell Kold Fuzion

InfraTech announces the introduction of our New Kold – Fuzion™ High Power Density Magnesium – Air Fuel Cells. Designed to meet the demands of next generation electric vehicles, our 500 Watt- Hours/Kilogram, (wH/Kg) environmentally friendly Fuel Cells instantly provide power by simply adding salt and water to the unit.  Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells are space conformable, scalable – up or down. They are the next generation of lightweight portable power.  Kold - Fuzion™ Fuel Cells are a ready-made power source for man-portable power, air, land and water vehicles.


Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells provide power from 1.7 VDC up to hundreds of volts.  Our Building Block Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells can be snapped together to provide the power necessary for the mission at hand.  With a specific energy of 500 wH/Kg.  Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells operate on seawater, saltwater, potable water and wastewater. 


Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells provide convenient, portable power and offer substantial advantages over other forms of energy generation and power storage. Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cells are safe, environmentally benign and have an indefinite dry shelf life.  Using Magnesium as the power source, just adding water makes power instantly available.


Each individual Kold – Fuzion™ Fuel Cell is currently designed to produce 6 Amps of current per installed cathode and 10 watts output with a total output of 113 wH per cell.  A 5volt unit will provide an output at 5 Volts and 30 Watts. The total is 339 watthours of power.  A 12 Volt unit would provide an output of 360 watts with a total output of 1356 wH and will weigh 20 pounds. A 100 Amp Hour Marine Battery would output 1200wH and weigh 100 pounds.    This lightweight, high power versatility gives war fighters the capability to tailor power output and duration to meet the requirements of nearly any mission.  Power output can be increased by installing bigger Anodes and cathodes as necessary to meet the mission power requirements. 


Kold-Fuzion Characteristics (as currently designed and constructed)


  • Magnesium + Saltwater + Air = Electricity
  • Indefinite dry storage life
  • Environmentally safe, not-toxic, non-carcinogenic, easily transportable
  • 1.7 Volts per cell and easily scalable
  • Physical dimensions per cell are 4.25”X4.25”X0.62”
  • Weight dry is 4.9 Ounces per individual Fuel Cell; 9.2 Ounces with electrolyte
  • Specific energy is nominally 500 wH/Kg
  • A 3 Cell Unit will weigh 14.7 ounces dry and 27.6 Ounces with electrolyte
  • The resultant power density is 339 watthours ÷ .784 KG = 432 wH/Kg


Unique Features of Kold-Fuzion


  • Inexpensive and easy to operate
  • No environmentally hazardous materials
  • Totally portable and lightweight
  • Indefinite dry storage life
  • Easily replaceable anodes
  • No degradation in a short circuit situation
  • Can be made to conform to form factor requirements
  • Scalable up or down to meet power requirements



How Kold-Fuzion™ Works 

                   Kold-Fuzion vs. Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC)


  • Kold-Fuzion is Less expensive than HFC
  • Kold-Fuzion technology is much simpler than HFC
  • Kold-Fuzion requires fewer components than HFC
  • Magnesium is much safer than Hydrogen
  • No special Fuel storage needed for Magnesium
  • Fuel can either be Magnesium or Magnesium alloy, HFC uses high purity Hydrogen
  • Magnesium is more readily obtainable than Hydrogen for portable power applications
  • Kold-Fuzion electrolyte (saltwater) is environmentally friendly and inexpensive
  • Kold-Fuzion is easily and safely transportable by plane
  • Kold-Fuzion is more efficient than HFC (80%+ vs. 45–60%)
  • Kold-Fuzion voltage is higher per cell than HFC (1.7v vs. 0.8v) Open Circuit

Kold-Fuzion™ is the Perfect Scalable Choice for power ranging from individual units for ground forces to the large load power requirements Autonomous Vehicles



The Future of Fuel Cell Power is now!