InfraTech Capabilities

Test Management-
InfraTech has a combined 40 + years’ experience in flight test management. InfraTech also has extensive experience in developing new systems (optical, acoustic and telemetry) and the management experience and expertise required for end to end system testing. InfraTech can assist in requirements development, design, prototyping, fabricating, integrating, testing, deploying and operating optical, acoustic and telemetry systems.

InfraTech developed a Remote/Autonomous Surface Vehicle to be used for Harbor Security and for Surveillance. This vehicle is powered by our GMAG Magnesium – Air Fuel Cells and can stay on station for long periods of time. We have experience building Autonomous and Remote control vehicles

Drone - Infratech is now building a drone power system to significantly increase drone flight times. Our Kold Fuzion Drone Power Cells coupled with an OEM battery pack to create a hybrid power source that will increase the advertised flight time of our development drone by about 60%. We will continue developing our Kold Fuzion power cells to increase the flight time of larger working drones.

InfraTech has many years experience in developing maintenance documents and performing maintenance on optical, acoustic and telemetry systems. InfraTech provided both in house scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance on systems deployed overseas in support of flight testing. InfraTech will assist the customer in developing maintenance plans and schedules and performing maintenance on systems as required.

InfraTech has a combined 70+ years of project, program and contract management experience. InfraTech has extensive experience in interfacing with the customer on a daily basis and developing plans and schedules to meet customer driven requirements. InfraTech also has experience in developing program cost plans and ensuring that the programs are completed within those plans and on schedule. InfraTech will assist the customer in developing schedules and plans and ensuring that the scheduled tasks are completed on time and within budget.