Alternative Lightweight High Power Density Man-Portable Power



     Understanding the Problem

InfraTech understands the strong need to provide small, fast-moving teams of Special Forces with lightweight power while maintaining individual and team man-portable power requirements. We understand that, in addition to pockets full of AA batteries, other types of chargers and specialized batteries are in use daily to power everything from Global Positioning System (GPS) Receivers, communications gear to night vision and flashlights. Powering all of this equipment is a big drain on current heavy, bulky and short lived power sources and is a weight burden on the operators.


Clearly, portable power is necessary, in large quantities, to sustain today’s Hi-Tech fighting force.  The portable power sources identified above meet this requirement to some degree.  However, none of them meet every requirement. There is another alternative that will fill in between the currently employed power sources, namely, InfraTech’s lightweight, High Power Density KoldFuzion™ Magnesium – Air Fuel Cells. Our Fuel Cells are tailorable for the intended application and they are scalable up or down.  


We understand the great interest in identifying more energy dense primary and secondary battery technologies and the interest in improvements to battery charging solutions that make them more effective for field deployment and use.

      Our Approach

InfraTech is on a mission to provide operational, backup and remote power on demand, Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Weather – Day or Night – Anyplace on Earth. InfraTech believes lightweight, portable power should be available anywhere by simply adding a little salt and a little water to our power units.  InfraTech’s ideas are simple - design and build general and special application lightweight power sources that:

  • Have a high energy density (in excess of 500 Watt Hours per Kilogram)
  • Are safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to use
  • Are instantly available
  • Have an indefinite shelf life with no degradation
  • Are easily and quickly recharged
  • Run on Saltwater


KoldFuzion™ is a lightweight, man-portable, environmentally friendly power source that can be used covertly with enough power to support the mission assigned.  Our AA, AAA (240,000 mAh) and direct 5VDC 2Amp USB Charger (500,000 mAh) are currently available.  Our 6KW 12VDC unit will weigh about 30 pounds operationally (equal to five-100 Amp Hour marine batteries that weigh about 500 pounds) and can be scaled up or down. 


We have an amazing power source and we look forward to making them for unique applications. Our rapid prototyping capability allows us to design, build and test first production articles in short order. 


     Technical Point of Contact

Allan Riggs, President - email:; Web:


Need Power?  Just Add Water!®